How to Get Into Cutting and Engraving as a Pure CO2 Laser Enthusiast

Technology has done some wonderful things for people who have odd enthusiasm for certain hobbies. Anyone who has ever desperately wanted to get into drone technology can now buy a drone for $50 on Amazon. 3D printer fans have always clamored for a 3D printing option without destroying their savings account. Now, they can make all the terrible jewelry they want with a 3D printer with an MSRP of $150.

Laser technology is up next. It was once a technology that required the input and use of a $3,000+ cutting and engraving machine. Now, general enthusiasts can actually get onboard. CO2 lasers are affordable and easily found after a little exploring.

The LS Series Base Iterations

The first place to look (and for many, the only place) is within the LS Series from Boss Lasers. The company has really helped push laser technology into the mainstream for hobbyists, and this is best exemplified with models, such as the LS1416. The 14 and the 16 in the name refer to the dimensions of the platform for cutting and engraving (14 inches by 16 inches). The system itself has 60 watts, which can easily cut up to 3/8th-inch materials. The 60W system is perfectly acceptable for most uses, and only industrial machines would require anything with a higher performance level.

The LS1630 is essentially the same construct laser, with more room to cut considering its 30-inch total platform width. The LS16030 does come with 100W which is almost double its predecessor. Both lasers represent the best of the general hobby-consumer level.

The Industrial Age

There are also the industrial models which expand the pass-through and boost the overall wattage. The industrial grade lasers have at least 120W and come in both glass and metal form. The LS5598 is pure industrial grade. It is often considered the best of the LS series in the industrial spectrum.

It should be seriously considered for any hobbyist who legitimately wants to take their efforts to a business scale, and it represents the pinnacle of the LS series. Get into the hobby with the best while still keeping it surprisingly affordable.

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