Features of Galaxy S9 are fab

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 + is one of the launches of the year. We were in the presentation of London, where we also talked about a Samsung experience in global (Iot, VR) that purely technical data. So we wanted to recapitulate and offer you 5 reflections on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and also with this article, we will inform you about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9’s specs – its Design, display, Camera, dimensions, battery, aspect ratio, release date.

Samsung Galaxy S9 (releasing in late March) is the upcoming smartphone of Samsung and according to the investors, its design concept is so sensible, innovative and magnetizing that it is fully ready to compete with upcoming iPhone 8. Let’s go ahead with its specifications.


Recalling the previous flagship of Samsung, Galaxy S8, it is the most beautiful mobile phone to date. An “infinite” screen almost without frames and currently has no competition. When you have it in hand it surprises. Very well integrated and that looks great. Designers have supplemented the design for their next beast Galaxy S9 and fabricated it with a more glorious display. It is anticipated that the Galaxy S9 will hold an edge-to-edge bezel-free AMOLED 4K display having a huge size within a spectacular body of glass and metal. This tendency to offer a larger screen in a smaller body is the trend of the high end. Now, is the panoramic 18.5: 9 format really useful? Time will tell, but what no one can argue is that it is the most beautiful phone to date.


Size does not penalize. That is, the two Galaxy models – Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ differ only by their size: a phone of 5.8 inches and another one of 6.2. The Plus version also carries great features. It does not make us choose between specifications but simply, the size. We like this.


A video of first impressions does not allow you to analyze in-depth some key aspects. For example, autonomy 3,000 mAh in some terminals may be scarce. This will amaze you after knowing that Galaxy S9 will offer you 4500mAh battery capacity. We’ll see how it manages the battery. Anyway, we have one of the best fast loads on the market.


In the video of first impressions of the S8 we said that the camera of the S8 is perhaps, the best one of the market and a user put that is the same that the one of the S7. Yes, it certainly does not differ much from the S7 but it remains the best camera on the market according to my humble intention. And the headline is: Samsung does not bet on the double camera as do LG and Huawei. Here lies another interesting stuff – the camera of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will naturally put a smile on your face with its cool camera modes and features especially the picture quality. The 16MP Dual-lens primary camera and the 8MP front camera gives the S9 smartphone a “killer” tag and the Dual-color LED Flash and Optical Stabilization are icing on the cake.

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